Find the Best Money Off Deals in London

One of the tangible advantages of living and/or working in London is the wide range of restaurants, shops, theatres and other retail, leisure and service providers available. That’s what makes London life so desirable for many of us. The benefits go deeper than just the amount of choice available, though. The laws of economics dictate that, because there are so many retailers and service providers competing for our hard earned cash, there are always offers and discounts available, especially if we’re prepared to shop around for them.

The traditional way of grabbing a bargain is to decide on the product you want to buy then visit a number of retailers and see who’s offering the best price at that time - or wait for the sales season to kick in. The rise of internet shopping has made this a much more straightforward and less time-consuming exercise than it once was. However, the very fact that it’s now so easy to surf the net for bargains has led to many retailers being incentivised to offer even better deals to their more determined customers who are prepared to delve that little bit deeper.

So, in the same way that you could always get a better deal if you were prepared to haggle a little, the modern electronic shopper can often get a much better price by looking at one of the many voucher-based retail sites, like Groupon, for example. These sites often have deals tailored to specific types of goods or services, such as restaurants or fashion, and might offer deals tailored to different cities or regions. The advantage for the retailer of this approach is that it allows them to segment their customer base - some customers will still pay the headline ticket price for the item while the smarter shopper - who’d never pay full price for anything - can be attracted without reducing prices (and therefore profit margins) for every customer.

Alternatively, retailers can offer better deals for advance purchases. Rail or theatre tickets purchased in advance can, for instance, work out significantly cheaper than buying just-in-time. Two-for one deals are also popular with sellers looking to increase sales, albeit at the expense of overall margins.

Full price or shop smart - it’s up to you but why, as they say, pay more? Try taking a look around the many innovative offers that are available and see how much you can save.